Top 5 Winter Weather Trends of 2017

With Pumpkin Spice season coming to a close, these 5 fashion trends have made their way to the top of everyones shopping list. Who said you can't look fashionable and be warm at same time?

     1. Matching Mommy & Me Winter Hats 

  • Topping our list this season are these adorable Mommy and Me matching beanie set. These twinning beanies are so cozy and fashionable! And so cute, Right? What daughter doesn't grow up wanting to be just like her mother? Growing up I was my moms shadow, I copied everything she did. I remember playing dress up in her clothes and wearing her high heels. I can still remember that incredibly special feeling when she told me how beautiful I looked! There is such a unique and special bound between a mother and her daughter! So why not share that special moment with your daughter? Click the link below to check out these cute beanies and other Mommy and Me items!

>>>Mommy & Me Matching Beanie


     2. "If You Can Read This" Cashmere Socks


  • There is nothing better when your loved ones do things for you without you asking.. or you just might need to drop a subtle hint on your sock! After a long day with the kids or just got home from work the first thing I do is change into my favorite comfy clothes and settle down on the couch. Its so nice to unwind at the end of my day with my favorite beverage. Click the link below to see all the options these custom socks have to offer!

>>> If You Can Read This Sock Collection


     3. Cute "Up Do" Beanie


  • The messy bun has be a major fashion trend the last few years. Not only is it an easy hair style but it is fashionable too. These new beanies have been my absolute favorite accessory this winter! There are an endless amount of up dos you can try. My personal favorites are the messy bun, the classic high pony tail, and a fishtail braid. Check out all the different colors and styles you can choose from here.

>>> Up Do Beanie 


     4. Plaid Cashmere Scarfs


  • These Triangle shaped scarfs have been trending this year but the plaid design ones are at the top of the list! I love this scarf because you can really create a style of your own. You can simply wear it like the model is in the picture above, or you can also wear it around your shoulders as a shaw... it is such a versatile accessory and a must have!

>>> Triangle Plaid Scarves Collection 


     5. Lace up Cargo Boots


  • Last but not least, are these fashionable twists on a classic cargo boot. The classic cargo boot was redesigned with more color options and cute ribbon laces. I love pairing my boots with cute pair of skinny jeans and a plaid button up!

>>> Lace Up Cargo Boots  


That wraps up our top 5 winter trends of 2017. Find all of these and other amazing products at Make sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with our latest products and collections. See you next time and stay confident!!